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September 04, 2007



Yes! Water is so key. I am surprised and not surprised by how much there is to say about water.

I am a long time water obsessionado and writer. So I'd like to share with any other writers out there that Memoirs Ink is hosting a water themed memoir/essay contest.

Check it out: www.memoirsink.com/elements


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Nice Post ! without water there is no life. It is the key of component in determining the quality of our lives. it is lifeline that bathes us and feeds us.


I agree that water contributes a great part of our daily lives. In food, health and sanitation. We should all do our best to help conserve and save water for our daily needs.

Alexandra Longest

Nice discussion! You are right, there is a lot to know about water and how it affects us! To learn more about drinking water research and the facts about water check out http://www.thefactsaboutwater.org/


Water is our source. For more information regarding filtering check out this helpful site: wholehousewaterfiltrationsystems.us

What a great place to learn how to clean up the environment through water filtration.

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Water, Water Everywhere!
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This blog post teach to protect and conserve water and the importance of having the green stream. This is for the benefit of us and the next generation.

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