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Bronwyn G

First, great link between government and education.

Your podcasts give us a valuable impression of what Jose-Juan and Zachary learnt from their weblog. Could you have subtitles available in all future podcasts, so that it can be clear to many people. The middle part of Jose-Juan's interview is much clearer than it was earlier. Are you able to edit out the noise? I'm just up to the bit about where J-J learns English. He gives an insightful answer.

Bronwyn G

Zach is such a clear and entertaining speaker. You asked him many of the right questions so that we can share in his blogging journey and what he has learnt from it. I can't wait to see his writing about the Legislature! It was also really nice that you got his Mum to speak. So often we think parents are not involved or scared of new technology. Zach's Mum is obviously very open-minded (see Longer Life for her comments) and I'm sure both Zach and Jose-Juan are great blogging ambassadors.

Thanks for allowing me and international bloggers the privilege of listening in.

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