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Bronwyn G

Audacity is a wonderful piece of software. First, it is Open Source. It's especially relevant for people who are recording Wikipedia Spoken Articles. I'm sure you could find some appropriate History resources for your students there if you could look.

I would probably record THE YOUNG NATION GOES TO WAR (chapter 9) and THE SLAVERY PROBLEM GROWS. Also THE CIVIL WAR and RECONSTRUCTION. And POSTWAR UNITED STATES is fascinating, especially the Civil Rights Movement which I am sure would be important to many of your students. (If we're talking the Getting Heard people, then I ought not to speak of such an uncounted mass). Something fairly close to the present, like about the end of the Cold War, would be relevant. (To think your boys don't even remember it!)

S. Lister

Hi Anne,
I'm with you on the difficulty in making time to listening podcasts...I wrote a small piece about this here: http://newmediaworkshops.com/telblog/?p=64 where I suggested podcasts are great for commuters but I only have a 7 minute drive to work!

I thought I'd share with you a history podcast project I worked on with a Grade 6 class that didn't quite get to the true 'podcast' stage but it was a rich learning experience nonetheless. I explained the idea here:

You can listen to my podcast about the experience here:
http://newmediaworkshops.com/telblog/podcast/TELpod1_121405.mp3 (if you can find the time! It's 13 minutes long)with show notes available here:

Good luck with your project! I'm looking forward to learning about it through your blog!

Anne Davis

Hi Sue,
Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, especially the history podcast. I listened to all of your links. It was great! Now I am still learning and I really liked the short comment sessions from the fifth graders that I did. If I can be content with just posting the vocal part I might use podcasting more but the learning curve for mixing and adding and editing is slow for me. Still not sure where this journey will take me but I plan to keep posting.


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