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Darren Kuropatwa

Anne, this is a BRILLIANT idea! It was fantastic to hear the kids describe, in their own words, how powerfully they've been impacted by having people from all over the world comment on their blogs.

You've long said that one of the most powerful experiences student bloggers can have comes out of the comments left by others. The kids prove your popint in their own eloquent words.

Bravo! What a great podcast!

Gordon Brune

I loved this! And not just because you all mentioned me and Chloe.

It IS all about the comments we get, isn't it!? I think my students (and me!) don't care how "good" the comment is. I just think that we really appreciate it whenever we get a comment regardless of what it is.

It makes SUCH a difference when we KNOW someone is reading our writings besides our teacher, doesn't it?!


Exactamente! Pienso que es el pensamiento bueno. Y ella tiene un derecho a la vida.


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