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It's great to see a student being so concerned with the environment. The numbers you wrote about how many animals are endangered are simply staggering! After reading your post, I looked up the Environment and Public Works Congressional Committee and sent them an email expressing my concern. If anyone else wants to do the same, the address for the committee is http://epw.senate.gov

Meta Lee

Hello Alejandra,
Your writing on endangered species has been very informative. I did not know there were so many species that are endangered. From your writing, I can tell you have really done your research.

Keep up the good work.

Meta Lee


I recently learned of a great partnership between the Oregon Zoo and Norm Thompson to help save an endangered species, the California Condor. After reading your posts about other endangered species I thought you might be interested in learning more. The California Condor is an amazing bird that is native to only three states in the world. With a wingspan of over 9 feet it is an impressive sight. There are only 243 birds worldwide and many of them are living in recovery centers. The Oregon Zoo is home to one of three Condor Recovery Centers in the world and Norm Thompson is selling chocolate condor eggs with chicks inside to raise money for the condors and the zoo’s facility. Visit http://www.normthompson.com and click on the condor image in the upper right corner to help save the condors!

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