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You are definitely right on "re-read everything you write." I definitely always use that tip when it comes to my writings.

Ever hear of this one?
After re-reading what you write. Walk away from your work for a little while, and when you come back to it, re-read it again. I guarantee you will find mistakes you didn't know were once in there!

PS. I'm glad they caught Brian Nichols


Thank you soooooo much for your comment. And no I havent heard about the tip you said. It sounds like it might really help. I should think of trying that tip next time. Thanks again!!


Re-reading is definitely important when working on our writing. I used to trust the computer spell check to catch all my misspellings but it wasn’t always right (especially with words like “there, their, they’re”). Another idea you might try when working on your writing is reading it out loud. When you read your sentences out loud you can hear if they flow together nicely or if you should work on some of your sentences and word choices. Just an idea :)

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