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Nancy McKeand

You know, Alejandra, what I think was so great about Pope John Paul II is that is wasn't just Catholics who were sad when he died. People from all over the world, from all religions were sad. He was a pretty great man, wasn't he?


You know you are right. He was not just Catholic he was of every religon. everybody liked him.

Richard Hoffman

I am a Catholic who lives on Whidbey Island. On April 2, 2005 I was watching on my television St. Peters Square when the Pope John Paul was ill. At the precise moment of the Pope's passing I took a picture to commerate the event. No unusual images were seen on the screen. The picture remained in the camera until Dec. 25 2005 when I viewed the smartcard. A ghostlike image of Jesus appeared waiting to take Pope John Paul ll home to be with him. I would like to share this with the world. The original was sent to the Vatican. It is to be used to remind the faithful to remain faithful till the end to receive their reward as did the Pope. It also is to serve as notice to the skeptics that indeed Jesus is alive and well. Thank you www.heavenlyvisitation.com

God Bless You

Richard B Hoffman
253 347 1835

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