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You have been a very good friend. You have everything you need to be a very good writer. Good luck next year. I will miss you in the summer, but I'll see you next year. Your friend Paulina.

Nancy McKeand

Alejandra, I hope they have blogs in middle school because I would like to continue reading your writing. I am glad you like to write now!


Alejandra I agree with you on your blog.Because I use to have the same problems.But know I understand it.


Your comment about younger students (3rd and 4th graders) writing blogs really got me thinking. I would not have imagined that these students would be interested in such a a project because it seems a little complicated. Yet, I do think you make a good point that they could be introduced to the blog in a very basic way and that it has the potential to help get them interested in writing and communication. I believe both of these skills are very important to all of us. Thanks for sharing your opinion and giving your reasons for it as well!

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