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Mrs. Davis

I am curious as to why you hated the Quiz Bowl! Students usually love being picked to participate in this activity.


I don't want to be in the quiz bowl becuase we have to study a lot, and we have to remember every question that they ask. Last year Marcos and I were in the quiz bowl. He loves the quiz bowl, but I hate it.

Gayle Esposito

I really like the fact that your weblogs all deal with science. You must really like science. It is good to write about what you are interested in. I think your writing is very clear. The problems you say you have, I have too. To be a good writer, you have to write - practice - just like being a good basketball player or a good soccer player. I can see you are doing that here. I really enjoyed your articles.


Your writing was very good. I also like your drawing. It was very pritty. Ialso like all of your drawing. You are very good at writing in front of people. I bet you were very scarde.

Luis Luis

Why do you want to be a soccer player , a book writer , to win the Quiz Bowl , know about the past and hate cats?

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