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Mrs. Davis

I believe I would try to find things that nobody has ever seen because I don't think I would play with it as I would not know how! Probably this is a job best left to the scientists who know what they are doing!

Did you know that the word science comes from the Latin word scientia, which means "knowledge?" (one of our Bloom's words) The word scientist was not coined until 500 years later, by author William Whelwell. I find the study of words fascinating. Have you learned any interesting things about words?


I did learn that the five animal kingdoms such as mamalia and ursura that came from the country of Spain. Lots of words are form the spanish language. I don't know of other words that come from different countries.


Your writing made me think that we should explore other planets.Did you know that the rover sent a picture of an Earth like civilition. It has also found tunnels that might of been made by water. Do you think aliens live on Mars?

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