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I liked a lot your post to a futur teacher. I mostly liked because I found no mistaks in your post.Thats amazing. I also liked it because you wrote the write things that are so true. Bye!!


Hello Alejandro,
Thankyou for your advice, I will be certain to remember this on my first day in the classroom. Especially the part about not being too nice. I consider myself a really nice person, but will try hard not to be overly nice. You are right, I will be nervous, but will get over it soon after getting to know my students.

Thankyou again,
Ms. Simon


Thanks for the advice, Alejandro. What a neat name! I'm in a session with about 40 new teachers, so they're all listening to you. Keep up the good work.

Allison Risher

Hi Alejandro,

I would love to be your teacher because you have alot of useful ideas for the classroom. I've been told that my teaching style is relaxed and fun and I will try to keep it that way! I like finding new ways to teach new ideas and your comments are encouraging.

I know I will be nervous on the first day of school but I am so excited! I'm sure I will get great students, just like you!
Oh yes... My favorite sport is basketball. I love The Miami Heat. Shaq is awesome. Have a great second half of the school year.

Thank you,

Allison Risher


Mrs.Simon I once had a really nice teacher in the thrid grade. Man we went nuts, we grabbed the whiteboards when we weren't suppose to. Thanks to us that teacher was fired. Our teacher was mad at us. At the end she was hired again. See you later Ms. Simon and all the other teachers.

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