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I don't like tests either. Things are always to quiet.


Jared I think that you are right becuase you get bored really boring. If you were in our school all you would here would be hum.


I am glade.


i am so glad that it is over


I find that those tests, like the CRCT that you just took, do tend to get boring. I wonder if they would be better if they were a little shorter? What do you think? Just remember this, you are asked to take those tests because people believe you can do it. We take tests like that a lot throughout school and even to get jobs. So if you ever get bored, remember that you are doing something that is hard, but people believe you can do. It is the hard stuff that we are the most proud of, right?!


The CRCT and other standardized tests are extremely boring. And on top of that, there is still some question of what they really test. I really think it's unfortunate that students have so much riding on those tests. Back when I was in school, we tested every spring, but the tests were used mostly for placement purposes, to determine if you're grouped with the smart kids or those who are a little slower. Always, put forth your best effort because you can't afford to stumble. Think of it as a fun game that you can use to demonstrate how much you know. If you're prepared, they tend to be super easy. And think of it this way. They very rarely change much from year to year anyway. Just pay attention in class and it'll be a breeze from now until you finish school.

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