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Mr. Lane

Hi Ashley, I love daylight savings time too! Its coming up this weekend by the way. Our clocks will "fall" back an hour and we'll all get a much needed hour of sleep. Well, we really wont get another hour, we'll just be getting up and hour later which will be great. I love you post on the sky.


Thanks Mr. C. Lane for the comm. I love Day Light Savings, too.

I know now that it doesn't get dark until after six o' clock.

Mrs. Davis

You came up with an excellent title - I like it! I see different shapes in the clouds, too. I've seen people, hands praying, profiles of faces and all kinds of animals. I love to look at the sky. It can have the most beautiful colors and shapes. An adjective I like to use is glorious- it is a glorious day outside! As for daylight savings, I like falling back an hour better than jumping forward an hour! :-)

I'm curious. What gave you the idea to write about wonders of the sky?

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