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Mrs. Meeler

Well, Diana DeGarmo certainly has accomplished a lot as she starts her music career. If I were in Diana's position, I would make sure I continued to get my education through graduating from high school and attending college. That way, even if the music business doesn't work out, I will have the education to fall back on!


Would you like to be on American Idol? I know I would!It would be really nice to be an a/b onoroll student.


I really liked your writing but I don't watch American Idol. What is it about.


Dear Ashley,
your writing was great. Would you like to be in American Idol? I know I would.


Well Alejandro American Idol is about amutuer singers that want to be famous. They have to audition. A new one is coming this month you should watch it. It comes on ABC.


Dear, Lacey I would really wanto be on American Idol.

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