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Pat Street

Hi Ashley!
I loved your post about spilling the beans! You gave good examples, and told how people react when someone gives away a secret.

I collect idioms, so I like to read anything about idioms. I found out that another way to say the same thing is "letting the cat out of the bag." In the olden days, people would buy baby pigs at the fair. Pigs were expensive, but cats were cheap, so sometimes dishonest farmers would take the buyer's money and then give them a bag with a cat in it, instead of a baby pig! If someone opened the bag, the cat would jump out and the buyer would know he or she had been cheated.

I like to learn where idioms like this come from. I'm not sure where "spilling the beans" originated though.

I read on the blog that you were hurt in an accident recently, but that you are coming back to school already. Yay! I hope you are completely recovered soon.

Best wishes,
Pat Street

Paula Willis

Enjoyed the comments! Keep writing! You have much to say and many to listen! Paula Willis


Just add something on to Pat's comment, the idiom "spilling the beans" originated in Greece. Black and white beans, placed in an urn, were used as ballots during votes(white being yes vote and black being a no vote). Votes had to be unanimous, so if the collector knocked over the urn and "spilled the beans" and a black bean was seen, the vote was halted.


Dear, Pat Street
I wrote a story to you. I just want to say thanks for the comments.

Dear, Paula I will keep writing.

Dear, Stephen I did not know that about the saying Spilling the Beans.


I was actually googling for the definition of 'spilling the beans' ;) thanks for the bright explanation.


Hi Ashley,
More of the origin of "spill the beans":


gee thanks a lot for helping!! it was a really helpful sight.....but i could not find where the idiom was originated from cuz thats wat was needed for my school but thanks any


Hi this Vanildo From Brazil
I'd like to know that i have already heard this expression but i didn't remenber it corrrectly so i googled it and i found this blog aand i loved it the explanation was really cool i didn't know it
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best regards


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