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Sara Allgood

Thanks so much for the advice on how to be a good teacher! When I was your age, I remember how exciting it was to have a chance to write on the chalkboard! I will definately keep that in mind when I am a teacher.
"Less talk, more action" was also some great advice! You are right about it being a lot easier to learn in a fun environment!
Thanks again for all your advice :) I will keep it all in mind when I start teaching.
Enjoy this last half of your fifth grade year!
Ms. Allgood

Morgan Lucky

Hey Ashly,

I am from Saskatchewan, Canada. It has sure been cold here lately. I am going to be a math teacher in few months and so I am really thankful for your advice!! I have always thought about having my students work on the chalkboard and your advice has let me know that this is cool! Thank you for your advice. I hope you have a good school year!!

Thank you
Morgan Lucky


My name is Ashley too! I will become a teacher when I finish college next semester. I am very excited about becoming a teacher, and I will try my best to make learning fun for my students. I appreciate your advice, and I will try to use it when I am teaching. :)

Allison Risher

Hello Ashley,

I thought your posting was interesting and very helpful. I will definitely keep your comments in mind when I begin teaching. I wish I'd seen your posting before my last final....we had to learn the parts of Bloom's Taxonomy. You are learning stuff we're getting in college...that's impressive!
I hope you have a great day. Keep writing such wonderful and thoughtful comments.

Take care,


Ms. Allgood thank you for your comment. Keep in mind "less talk, more action".


Ms. Lucky it is cool that you live in Canada. One day I want to go to Canada. How did you find this blog site? Watch out for "Mad Cow"!

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