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Pat Street


It's great to hear from you and I'm glad you like my book. It was really fun to write. I have collected idioms for a long time. They're a good thing to collect because they don't cost any money! :-) Whenever I hear a new one, I add it to my list.

In the book I tried to include some really unusual idioms as well as the common ones, so that everyone could find a few that they didn't know. It's fun when people are looking at the book and go, "Oh! That's a funny one I've never heard before!"

Oh, by the way, I did look on the class weblog, as you suggested, and it was fun to read more about "spilling the beans."

I'm so glad you are all well from your accident. (I was in a car accident this winter too, and I'm just about well myself.)

I write poems sometimes too. It's fun. I started when I was about your age. I've never had one published, though, so you're doing really well! I would like to read your poem about the toad.

Pat Street


Dear Pat Street,

I never knew that you were in a accident. I am glad that you are healing!
I write a lot of poems and songs, but I never told anybody. I love to write poetry. I don't think people knew. In third grade I wrote a poem that was about how much I hated poetry. That is how I began. Now it is very fun to write poetry.
There were a lot of new idioms in your book that I did not know. I laughed a lot. It was so funny.
I am going to see if we have any of your books in the library.

Sincerely, Ashley

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