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Why do you lie like a mug shawde you know I taught you.


Mike thank you for the comment but, you so didn't teach me.

Ms. Roper

Ashley, you are not only a talented basketball player, but an outstanding artist as well!

It is important to play by the rules whenever you are participating in a game, basketball or otherwise. Rules make the game fair, safe and more fun.


Thank you Ms. Roper. I never loked at as a outstanding artist.
I do really love basketball.


I liked your stoy about basketball it reminds me a little bit of my self because I play basketball.


I did teach you. END OF STORY. I see you did not type anything on football yet. I know you can play the way you tackled T.J. ps. I LIKE YOUR EAR.


Dear Frank,
I love basketball. I t is cool that you played basketball.

Dear Mike, I did not blog about football because we can always blog about anything.


your blog was great!

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