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Your explantion of what happened last friday was very good. If no one had heard anything about what Brian Nichols had done your detail report would be enoungh information for them to catch up. I also love how you ended your story. That question will get many minds wondering and putting thierselves in Mr. Nichols daughter's shoes. Great Story


I heard about it I think it was bad because people were killed keep up the good work


I think I would want to be as far away as I could get from him, because you would never know if you would be his next victim!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you Amanda. I wasn't to sure people would like my story because a lot of kids in class that blogged about Nichols.


Sam, I am very sad because he kiled people who had kids.


Lacey, I would want to be far away from him also. He is a dangerous man.


I don't know what I've would have done if my dad was a killer. I also think it was great that the police finally caught that man.


I would be scared to know that my dad was a killer. I don' t know what I wold do.

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