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Great story! You were only wrong about one thing. I'm a kid and love writing! Bye!


I also think that the news bloging should go forever because I like telling people the
news but in my own words.so i agree with you.


Brinn I like your comment. FIGHT THE POWER! It is a catchy phrase.


Racheal sorry I didn' t think about the kids that do like writing. I know I don't.


I like writing also because you express your feeling


Wow. Ashley, it sounds like you had a really positive experience with blogging. Even though you didn’t think that it is would be something that would interest you, it sounds like you had a good time keeping up with one. I agree that blogging is a great way for students of all ages to use to practice their writing and to articulate thoughts. I hope that you are still in the practice of blogging and finding that it is still helpful for you to use. I wonder, were you able to see a significant improvement in your writing skills over the course of the year that you kept this blog?

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