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Mrs. McCullers

I feel like I am in the rainforest or maybe the jungle, or could it be a barnyard! Our students thought of all types of animals to report on. Some of the dioramas look so realistic! These third graders are showing the rest of the school just how seriously projects should be taken! Way to go!


Mrs. Babin,
I am sorry that I did not make a project.

Michael Ingle

I liked Joseph's doiroma because it looks like the animals are in front of you.


When I did my dioroma everyone was looking at it.Well I did put a lot of hard work in it. I had a lot of fun doing it. I did a dolphin.It took all night to do the hole thing. Well it was a nice talking to you.


My oh my a tiger I think I saw a tiger! Oh that's not a real tiger it's just those graet dioramas third grade made. That's good because I thought I saw a real tiger,loin,whale,and a bird wait a bird a bird wouldn't do nothing if it did you would get it.Well third grade keep up the good work.Woo!I think I saw a bird well see yha.


I liked doing the project because we got to do our own animal. We also wrote facts about it.I wish we can do that agen.


I think more 5th grade shoude do this. If they did we would do beter because you teauch us well.I am glad your my teacher!


I thick that the Dioromas maybe be hard for the children because they have to get all of the suff that they need and they have to get the glitter,even they have to get the glue and I am happy that I could go to your weblog.

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