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Julie McCullers

I think this will help our students appreciate what it was like to be the first people in this country. I can't wait to call my students by their native names and particpate in the rain dance!


I think that learning about symbols of Native American language is really interesting. I hope your class enjoyed it. I wish that I could learn symbols too.


It was a fun day when we were studying the Native American Indians. We went outside without shoes. We talked about the Trail of Tears. Some people die. Some babies died. They were carried and burried at night. That's why we call it Trail of Tears.


I like the picture of your family. Did you have fun at the turkey? I did because my aunt and uncle gave us a turkey. We did not make turkey because my aunt,uncle,and my cousins do not like turkey.


I liked the Trail of Tears Mrs.babin because it was outside and you go to different classrooms. The trail of tears is sad because alot of people died.


I liked it when it was Native Americans day. Did you like it too? I liked it when we went outside when it was still cold.I liked your name.How about we do that again? I hope you say Yes.

Alejandra Serrato

Dear Mrs.Babin,
I had a great time. I also liked going around the school and finding out where we
had to go. I liked staying with your mom cutting out feathers. She is a great teacher. You're also a great teache. I wish we did that again.
I didnt like when we had to stand outside in the cold because my feet were freezing. But the best thing was that we all had fun.


Mrs.Babin I had fun when we went outside and how we went to some classrooms. I enjoyed going on The Trail Of Tears. I hope we can do that again sometime. I also hope that some of the boys don't get to crazy. I really love being in your class. I liked talking to you I'll write to you later.


Thanksgiving was fun! We watched the parade.Me and my dad were playing METALGEAR SOLID 2 SONS OF LIBERTY. My mom made dinner.After the parade we watched football.I liked to be with my family!


I liked learning about the Trail of Tears and The Native Americans because I like Native Americans.


I learned alot about Native Americans!I learned about how the Native Americans of Georgia went on the trail of tears.But the best way to learn is to experence it.


I am part Cherokee indian.


Mrs. Babin the picture of your class it was very nice.It looks like fun to me. I like your class. It was really neat.

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