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My Explanation

You see, sometimes it's just harder to write a top notch story. This week it seems likeI justdrew a BIG BLANK. I hope that you will understand, I'm sure that you have drawn a blank before while trying to be the best that you can be. I'm really upset with myself and I am kind of having a hard time, there has been a lot of pressure on me this week dealing with school and homework, trying to keep up all my A's on my report card.

All by,

Anne Davis

Hey Brianna,
I just want you to know how proud I am that you are expressing how you feel about all of this. Good writing is a tough job - some days it is easier than others. Anybody who writes understands this. I have many days like that, too. Thanks for talking to me today. Hope next week is a good one for you!
Mrs. D

Emily Stotzer

Hello, it's me again. I think that your news report is really great. I think that it has good description, and covers the main points of the conflict with Iraq. I honestly can't find anything wrong with your report. If you wanted to "beef" it up, you could add a sentence about why the UN is not behind the US, but you don't need to.
I really can't find anything that you should be upset with in your news report. I want you to know that this is supposed to be fun, and something that you are interested in, don't make it hard work when it doesn't have to be. You seem to be a great writer, and believe me I know about having blank moments when you write, but you just need to take a break, and get something to eat or drink, and breathe. Now, this may sound funny, but trust me, if you just take your mid off of your writing for a minute or so, then when you start to write again, it will all come back to you, I promise.
So, I have been helping you for a few weeks, now it is your turn. I wrote an article on graduating early in high school. I am going to send you my lead, and I want to you to give me some feedback. SAY ANYTHING! Really, I want anything that you can think of.
Also, in our class picture, I am on the left and standing up, the third one in with my hair up and I am wearing a blue jacket with a yellow shirt. Eric is the guy nest to me with the red sweatshirt and long hair. Who are you in your class picture?
Here is my lead:
Deborah Hul, sophomore counselor at Hunterdon Central, walks into her office, and sits down to a mountain full of papers that have begun to collect on her desk. Student request forms, student schedules that still have to be reviewed, and papers that need her signature to let one of Central's students leave high school forever. Of the two students requesting this leave, one wishes to attend college early, and the other plans to volunteer. For many students at Central, deciding their life after Central starts earlier, and graduating early becomes the option that students take, if they believe that they are mature enough to deal with the aftermath.


Hi Brianna,
I liked your news story! It was clear, informative, and fun to read. It was also very accurate. I don't think you should be unhappy with it. The only question I would ask about the story is why is the world and the U.N. not backing us on the war?
How long do you think this war will last? I hope its over in a few weeks but I've heard it could last longer.
You're right about the "writing blanks"...I've had my fair share of them. Usually I just take a break and have a snack and then go back to writing. That helps me sometimes. Good luck with getting those A's. By the way in my classes picture im the guy with the hair standing on the left.

Julie Corey

Hi Brianna,
I've got a big test this week and have to study really hard, so I can't really respond to your writing the way I would like to, but I will discuss this topic next week.
Keep writing.


Hi Emily,
In the picture I am the top row, second person, with a black shirt, and my hair is sticking up.
I like your story, but I think that your other stories have been better because....

it had more details
it seemed very accurate
it gave the reader a more clear "view"
the topic was better
I think the I like the first story better because I was more interested in that topic, but overall I think that you are a great writer and a very good role model towards me!
See you Later!


Thankyou for the great compliments, and to think that I thought that the story was not good. I never thought the day would come when I found out that you, an oustanding writer, would draw a big blank. That made me fill a little better that other people have drawn blanks while writing. Guess what? Have you fiquered it out yet? Answer: I got to proofread Emily's story! I can't really answer your question about the U.N's support, all I know is that they want to have peace not war. I think the war would last for about 2 years.


i look forward to discussing this topic with you, but I'm in a hurry so bye bye!


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