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Hi bri, what's up. Me nothin much.I like your poetry a lot. I LOVE the freedom of speech. I know that you would understand that. I think my favorite amendment is the first one. I know that you will understand that one too.
love ya,bye,
Melanie :)


Hi bri-bri,
I like your Haiku. I know it's 10 times better than mine. I like your topic too. Gota' go !!


Hi Mel, what's up? Thanks for the compliment. I LOVe the first amendment too. I wonder why? Well, because I talk alot. ( Love u alot 2, bye :)
Brianna[[email protected]]


Hi Jax, Thanks for the compliment. I think yours was great 2. Got 2 go- bri

Brianna [[email protected]]

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