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  • Pre-service teachers used blogs to discuss award-winning Newbery books using reading roles creativiely adapted from Harvey Daniel's 'Literature Circles: Voice and Choice in the Student-centered Classroom'. Contact Anne Davis at [email protected] if you have questions.


    These blogs were moved from Manila blogs to TypePad blogs. The author shows up on each post as Anne Davis as a result of the transfer. The original posts were made by students and the instructors Lynne Jordan & Anne Davis. The initials on the post title signify who did the actual blogging of the post.

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Drew Nichols

Joan, I was wondering about this word as well, so I'm so excited that you researched it! That is so interesting to me because The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe was one of my FAVORITES as a young student. I like how this book makes references to other great books in indirect ways.


Drew, I agree! I did not know what that word meant either. It is amazing how reading really does increase our vocabulary. I have already learned approximately a dozen new words in the first five chapters of this book! Cool huh? I wish my students would treasure reading as much as we do!


Joan, I was ALSO wondering that same exact thing! Some of those other books are such classics. It makes me realize how great of an opportunity we have been given in reading this novel. I did not realize that there was an actual meaning to the word narnia. I just assumed that Jess and Leslie made that up! See I never would have known that! Thank you for looking that up for us and providing us with such a wonderful resource!

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