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Yes,I have one that is worrying thust like you.

Jonathon Rodriguez

I loved the things you said in your weblog. Sometimes I do have feelings that get in my way.I think about the war and what mit happen in the future.


I am the same way.I always worrying If my parents are going to fight.


Yes by the way I do have problems that get in the way of me having a good day. Almost
everyday there is a problem. But if I talk
to one of my friends they will help me feel


Can you help? Brandon


Yes,I do have one.When my brother is being mean and my little sister is mad at me she gits on my brothers side.They bothe start being mean and thet makes me feel unhappy.


Yes alot of the time I am depressed by my brother. I think people should stop worrying so much.


Yes,my feeling is anger but I play with friends and talk to them.


Sometimes at PE my friends somtimes get mad at me and I dont know whythey get mad at me.Pleace help me.


I have been scared of getting in trouble because I have not got in trouble before.Thats why I have been scared.


Yes I do have a feeling that gets in the of me being happy. The feeling that gets in the way of me being happy is when I'm mad.


I know what you mean . The feeling that gets in my way is madness when someone akes me mad I start to hit. But I know how to cautain it.


Dear Mrs.Halloran I read your letter about feelings I liked your letter that you wrote it was great and I liked the part when you said that you were afraid your mom and dad might get devors and about the war your country having to fight with another country.

jonathon R.

Some times I think of some things that might happen in the future.Like the earth quake that happend in Asia and caused a tsunami.That gets in my way and it makes me feel sad because alot of pepole died.


Yes like when when my mom fights with my dad ,or when someone in my family dies.Even when I realy have a lot of fealings


I am unhappy all the time because of two bullies named Angel in 5th and Jesse in 3rd grade. So thats why, I'm unhappy.


Yes,I have fear I am scared of sister.She takes away the contarl from me and if I don't she hits me.I get jelious too because she hits me.But she still does it.


yes I do.I get sad when a bully picks on me somtimes and I don't like it. sometimes I say please stop it. but if that don't work I would tell the teacher on him or her.I don't get sad alot but if he steals somthing I would say give it back please.but sometimes if I alone in the park and they punch me alot somone would be nice to help me when I'm down.


Hi Mrs.Halloran I am always jelless of my next door neighbor becauce he got a cool remote control truck. And he uses it all the time. But he does not let me use it and he crashes my truck.


MRS.HALLORAN I have anger of me beacause I don't leasen to my teacher whene I talk to poeple what do I do to leasen my teacher what do I do MS.Halloran to learn more and togate my family to love me.


I feel sad alot because I miss my mommy.



Iam so sorry what happen to your face. I am also sorry that you can not come out of you office.I am also sorry that you can not smile because that the main thing you always do.I remeber you were walking in the hall when you see me you alway said HI!and you always smile at me .I HOPE YOU GET WELL!


Many months, days,or weeks did you have it? Oh,yeah! And I said "Hi,how are you doing?"


Sometimes I worry about a lot of things that aren't important, but when I get over it seems silly.


Mrs.Halloran I love the way you teach kids in your classes.

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