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Mrs. Halloran whenmy brother does someyhing bad I get really angrey.But I then I fnd a way to settl it then I have to give him a lolypop.


I hope you feel better from your mouth.I wish you got better.But you are really nice to us.


I hope you feel better.this may acually be about your feeling letter .But I want you to know that
you are realy nice .I like it when you are gental with people.


How I control my anger when I get hurt is to take a deep breath and calm down. But it always doesn't work with my sister. Well by for now.


I think it's nice of to help kids with there probloms,becuase you don't just help them with there probloms, you even help them understand that if they have any friends that have kind of the same problom they had they can tell there friend the same thing you told them. I realy am telling you the truth.


I think that this is a great way to let kids express there feelings.

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