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Mrs. McCullers

You are such a trooper! I know this has been a difficult time for you, but through it all, you're still so upbeat and encouraging. You are truly an inspiration to us all!


I hope you feel better from your illness I relly want you to get better I love you very much you are the best techer I ever had.


You are a great teacher! That's a weird
illness you've got there! I feel terrible for you. We all want to see you again in our classroom. Get well soon!!


Mrs.Halloran I knew about your face.I'm sad that you have that disease.You are a great teacher.I wish you get better.I am glad that you are a very good person.You make us feel better.


Is it hard to go out in puplic? I hope you get beder Ms.Halloran.Is it hard to sleep?
I hope you get beder soon O.K. I think our
class misses you very much.


Mrs.Halloran I hope you get beter soon.I think thats a wierd sickness.When are you coming back and smileing? I'm really sorry for you.I hope that you feel much better. I hope you come to our classroom soon.


I hope your face will be prettier than it was. I miss you and love you.


Dear Mrs. Halloran I read your postcard it
was funny whene the someone said they can see your brain I hope you get well soon I
love you to and we miss you.


Mrs. Halloran
I hope you get better. I hope you get well
soon so we'll see you more often.
Beliave me I broke my arm once and I couldn't
take my cast off for to year's.


Please get better soon you're my favorite person in the world!I like you so much!


I hope you feel better soon.[P.S. Thanks for the talk today.]


Mrs. Halloran I hope you get better Soon. Remember that we all miss you. i hope you come to visit us soon.


I hope you get well soon. I really, really miss you.


WE all miss your smile of love and even though you can't see us we know you miss us and your face is great even if it can't move Becky


Mrs.Halloran I hope you get better everyday.Again I hope you feel better.


Mrs.Halloran, we all hope you and your smile get better. That diasese does alot of things to you. I can't wait till you come back. I hope you feel better.


Get well soon. Hope you fell better


Your'e nice to us.And you tell stories to us.Can you get plenty of rest?


Mrs.Halloran I was wanting to say that it is great that you always smile .Despite the fact that your face looks like that.


Mrs. Halloran,
I love you some much, and I hope you get better. You have already gotten a lot better than you were. I like the way you smile, wether it is on your face or from your heart. You are so sweet and I love it when you come to my class to teach us more, but the best part of you coming to my class, is that I get to talk to you and see you. When ever I see you smile, I forget about what is troubling me, and I feel happy and joyful. I hope I can see you smile good real soon and get better.


Dear Ms. Halloran,

I know you still have a pretty, big smile still.But, I still understand your problem and for that reason I feel sorry for you. I hope you feel better and come to our class. I know you think that we say things about your face but we really do not. well see you soon, we miss you. Bye!


Mrs. Halloran I hope you get better soon because we all miss you and your smile.


Mrs.Hallorn I know your face looks diffrent in the out side but I know you are really happy in the inside. When I had a pumb on my eye from counting stars evvery one looked at me like I was a diffrent person. I felt so sad that I did not want to come to school for every but I did and the bump went away. I went throug werser things thin that in I made it throug.


Dear **Mrs.Holloran**
**I hope you feel better and get well soon.Don't worry that happen to my Grampa and he is got better.Tack care.**


Dear Mrs.Halloran,

I hope you feel better,and get well soon. I hope that your six mounth go fast so you have your smile againg. You're the best teacher I have ever ment.


Mrs.Halloran you are still the loving,caring counselor I know.I think you will feel better in a few months not six.I hope you get better soon.Then you will be the same happy counselor.That the school knows!


Mrs.Halloran hello how are you doing I'm doing fine I miss how you used to smile and laugh you are a sweet and caring person I wish you didn't have to feel that way. I know you will be happy when you can smile again.I always look to see a smiling face but I don't see it. I wish in my heart that you will feel better. Well see you around.


Dear Mrs. Halloran,
I miss your smile also.When,I heard that the student had told you that it looked like you didn't like us anymore I felt realy bad about that.Also I know that even if you different on the outside you are still the same loveing preson on the outside. I also feel relly bad because of your condition but when you smile I still like your smile or I just imajine you with the same old smile." I LOVE YOU !"


That puosn how siad Mrs.Halloran you don t like as any more. He or she shoud not siad that to you to hrut your feel.


I feel sorry for you.I hope you get better soon.

Michael Cervantes

I feel really sorry for you. I hope you feel better.


I am very sorry that your heart was broken when the child said that it looked like you didn't like us anymore!!! Really, without you, I don't think anyone would be as happy as they are now! I can't wait to see your beautiful smile again!


I think that you are supposed to have a brain, without it you wouldn't be alive. However, I hope you get better soon. The whole school is different without you.


I am so sorry about your face.I also hope you get better before 4 months. You are so lucky to have a brain.Ha! Ha! Ha!


I'm very sorry about your problem. But when you're in my class teaching,You have a beautiful smile.


Dear Ms. Halloran,

I really am sorry for what happend to you. You Know that I will always be your friend even if you are sick. I will always love you as a counceler. And about your smile I Know You will always love us no matter what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Rubi Gonzalez


When I read your post I was so close to crying. It is so hard for me to get emotional about things ,but this is so unreal I mean like you must be in a lot of pain.see ya !!!!!!
Kaylyn Jones


I completely understand about your sickness. I didn't even notice it. I didn't even know about that kind of sickness. But your are always informing us of things that can hurt us. That shows that you REALLY care for us. Even though you did before you was sick.Well, get well soon,and hope to see you in our class again.

Love, Samuel


DEAR MRS.Halloran I also miss your smile. You looked so pretty smiling!! I hope you get better soon!!!! I will always remember what you say,"It doesn't matter what you look on the outside ,what matters is who you are on the inside!!!"


I think that your face is not a problem ot my class because we think that your the greatest counselor that we know. We know that you love us more than anyone else besides Mrs. Hooper and Mrs. Poole. (Get Well)


I think your writing was amazing and interesting. This Sunday I am going to church and I'm telling the teacher to pray for you. I hope you get well soon.


I hope you feel better. I really do because I want to get many smiles from you before I go to Middle Shool. And you have a great smile..



I know your face look different and that you are a really good person from the inside.


I hope you feel better. I really do because I want to get many smiles from you before I go to Middle Shool. And you have a great smile..


Iunder stand .I fell ellrally bad.


I'm sorry that you have Bell's Palsy. I'm also sorry that you can't talk that good like you use to. I just want to know when are we having groups again. When do you get to see me and outher people. Are you felling good or bad? Why are you having to go home early every day? Mrs Hopper said that you have to go home early every day. Is that true? I think it is because you need all the rest you can get. Why do you need all the rest you can get? When you have Bell's Palsy can you feel it or you can not feel it. one more thing are you feeling ok? When is your birthday so I can write you a card and wish you a happy birthday.


Mrs. Halloran, I hope you get better soon. You are the best teacher I have ever seen.You know how much we all miss you. I read your post card it is funny when it says about your brain. I miss you and your smile. Love you!


I am sorry you can't smile.I know you are always smiling. Every time I see you you're always smiling. Mrs.Sandy said she hopes you get well soon. Every time I see you, your face looks much better.


I hope you feel better.


When you came into my class I knew that you were happy. You smiled enough for me to now that you are happy. Bell's Palsy sounds scary. If you get scared does it stay longer than 3 - 6 months?


You should not worry because we still like you regardless of your condition.I have had a CT scan because of my knee it takes forever I hated it! After my operation it wasted almost my whole summer I couldn't walk without crutches for a about a 2 weeks.

Joel Maldonado

Hope you get well soon. I didn't Know you had a brain. (P.S. it's a joke.)


Hay, How have you been doing I hope you are doing fine. I haven't really got to see you lately and beleive me I do understand why and you don't have to worry about it. I will always know you care about me. Thanks for every thing you have done for me in my life time.I can't wait until you get over your sickness. I hope you feel much better,thanks for everything. GOOD BYE :)


Hi Mrs.Halloran I hope you get better real
soon. We will all be thinking about you and
we will be praying for you.


Mrs.Halloran I really miss your smile to and I hope you feel better soon.I am so sorry that I can not do anything to make you feel better or to get your beautiful smile back.I am so glad that you are still here at JH House and I am so glad that you get to keep your job here at JH House...Ihope you get better soon.


Dear Ms.Halloran,
Hello Ms.Halloran, it's me, Stephen. I'm very sorry about that disease you have. I hope that you get well soon. But don't worry though, 3 months will go by like that! Soon, the school year will be over and I'll move on to Middle School!
Get well soon,


I'm so sorry about your face I hope you get better very soon so I get to see you again .Even though you can't smile I still know your the same caring teacher that you will always be.


How are you doing? I hope your doing fine because with the problem of your face. Well the first time I saw you I did not know what was wrong with your face but then everybody was talking about the problem you have and I HoPE YOU!


How are you doing? I hope your doing fine because with the problem of your face. Well the first time I saw you I did not know what was wrong with your face but then everybody was talking about the problem you have and I HoPE YOU feel better !

Mr. Jim Anthos

Mrs. Halloran,

I am glad to read that you will be back to normal very soon, and that you have not changed your outlook on life one bit. It has been a pleasure for me to be in the PAL Program the past three years and I think that my visits do help the children very much no matter what task we do. I am so glad that you are here at J.H. House because you are needed and you do a great job for everyone. Marcos says hello and that he hopes that you feel better soon.

Jim Anthos


I don't understand why any one can ask those thing. I think that Not alot of people Know about your condisin but I know that every one in my class Knows that you are still smileing in the heart.


I wish to see you smile again. I wonder when you are going to come to our class agian.Take care!!!!!!!!! **You are the #1 Counselor.**


Ms.Halloran I don't notice your face usauly.I don't understand how this happend.Do you understand how this happend?I still like you though.


Hi Mrs.Halloran,

I heard what happened to your face and I hope It gets better. I think I already see your face better . I cant wait to see you smile again!!!!!!!!!
See you later
Alejandra R.


Dear Ms.Halloran,
Your fase still looked as caring and loving as always. I'm sooo glad you are all better now!!!!!!!!

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