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I'm really happy that you talk about this with us.Because I used to be bullyd by another person in pre-k , but not in this school.So I'm happy now that I am clear.


I would like to get bullyed around. I would go tell a teacher.


I hate when people bully.To many people get in trouble and they get suspended.bye


I hate getting bullyed around. I get bullyed by my brothers.But I start it a lot of times.I think it's funny until I hurt my self.bye!


I think that nobody should be bullyed around. Also, I think that people should help stop bullying.

Samuel Vaughn

Bullying can be very cruel. Thank you for showing Ms.Tobler's, and Henning's class "Broken Toy".It was really sad and really made me think.Lately, I've been TRYING to be nicer to my sister,but she is always avoiding it.If I don't get to talk to you before the end of the school year, Happy Trails!

D'Lynn Dustin (college student)

I am really glad to hear that bullying is being discussed in the schools. However, I think students should be given more options than to just say "I don't like that, leave me alone." That might work for younger students but as students get older, they will continue bullying a student to get the desired response. The student has shown that it upsets them, and by telling and getting the bullying student in trouble, then that student will receive the desired attention, and will possibly continue with that behavior.

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