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Ms.Halloron I'm kind of nervous about the crct test.I'm saying in my head I know I can I know I can.I know I can though.But it's kind of scary when you don't know if your going to fail.I made a&b on my report card.I hope I do good.I don't really won't to do it I'm too nervous.


I can't wait for the CRCT.I'm still a little scared,but I'm ok.Finally I can show how much I've learned this year.I'm so happy that you sugested on eating bacon because I love bacon so I'm going to ask my dad to make me some if he has time to.Well, I can't wait.See you later.


I think I might past the test. Some people hate the CRCT.I like the CRCT. I'm going to have plany of sleep for the CRCT. I hope I past third grade.


Dear Mrs Halloran,
I'm Thinking about my Crct test.I CANT DO IT!I'm not litsening in class!I always have to flip I get 9 chances.MY GRADES GET TOOO LOW!Iwant to focus but I can't!The Crct test makes me so angry because I can't do it!I want to be an A+ student.But can I,no!I need help everytime I want to get something that my teacher said! i'm tired of having to be shoted at...I want to stop


I hate the crct because I have to sleep early and I like sleeping late. I sleep around 10:00, and the crct takes more than 3 days.


HEY!I love the advise you give.I'm going to follow your advise.Becauase I like it.

I hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley H.

I am not ready for the CRCT. I wish that we did not have the test. It is boring, but it does get me to the next grade.
I like your advice. It will really help. Than You Mrs. Halloran!


I agree that we should get a good nights sleep and have a good breakfast before the test . I know we are going to pass with flying colors.


Now that you say that I don't feel soooooo nervous!I wanted to say that your the best counselor I have ever met!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doroth   Maria

Dear Mrs. Halloran,
I love what you said about the CRCT. I really hope I so well on the CRCT. I so pay attention. I really hope I pass my reading and math test because if I don't I won't go to middle school. Thanks for the extra advise.


I am very confident in myself when it comes to the C.R.C.T. and I think that everyone should get a good night's sleep before each day of testing, because this is a very imporant test! And I'm going to eat right and healthy each morning before testing. I'm going to do good on the test!!!!!!!!!!!


Im looking forword to the CRCT and your right we do have smart teachers.


Hi Mrs. Halloran I am ready to take the crct
because I think I have came a;ong way since
the begining of the year and I am really prepared for the test ....

i will try my best...


I really hope I pass the CRCT Test. I think it will be pretty easy.


Hi Mrs. Halloran,I really want to make a good grade on the CRCT because iF I don't Idon't go to 6th grade but I really want to go so I think Iam going to follow your rules!!!!



Yes! Im looking foward to it. I think im going to past it. This is going to past it becouse i have to past the reading and the math.

griselda villanueva

In my class they are doing a lot of pratices for the crct.It is either on the overhead or on the computer.I'm doing all the things that the letter said to do .I hope that I will get an average score.


Hi Ms.Haleren, it's me Dakota. There is a guy on my bus and calls him names. What should I do? Tipe me a letter pleeeeeease.


I am ready for the CRCT test, but I am not. This test is not fair to me.I think that the school board of education is unfair because other schools like private schools do not have to take the CRCT test. That's not fair to me as a 8th grade student. Every year the limit of the test scores is getting higher for the students(like you have to get a 300 and above to pass the CRCT test). It seems like the school board wants us to fail so that other people that think that they are higher they us and call us stupid. Thats why it's unfair to me. But I'am going to prove the school board and pass with a 300 above in Jesus name!!!!!!!!!


I think im going to do bad on the crct i dont make ab and I just dont no it began monday wat should i do


im scared


thank you we have the crct tommorrow. it doesn't really help much but,i know what i need to do. i am scared but you helped aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllloooooooooooottttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hi thank ya


I am read to appear in CRCT test.But what is shorty,it will be fair. it will be help for you.I think social studies is easy rather than science.

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