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Hola Cristian! It is I, your bilingual buddy, SuperThinker! Come te va? I'm proud of you. It's not easy to learn a second language but you are doing it and you should be so proud of yourself! And, how wonderful that you have a friend like Noe! I want you to know that your writing has really improved since the first time I read your blog. Your posts provide more information and your sentences flow very well together. Keep up the good work--continua este buen trabajo!


Hola Super Thinker yo estoy bien pero porque no me contestas las otras preguntas que te ise la otre ves?


Hola Cristian. SuperThinker here, visiting your wonderful blog. Disculpe Cristian. No habia visto las preguntas que me hicistes! To answer the first question--I don't have any other name but SuperThinker. You can call me "Super" if you like! You asked if I have brothers or sisters. Well, I have a twin. And, you asked my age but always remember--a lady NEVER tells her age! hee hee hee! Okay, I will tell you a secret. Don't tell anybody, okay? When I was a little supergirl, my SuperAbuelo had a nickname for me. He called me "Gordita Linda" because I was a chubby little superthinker way back then! shhhh--es un secreto! Hasta la proxima!!!

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