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Derrick, you have picked a very good topic. I see careless errors that you could have corrected with proofreading - get in that habit! One suggestion - "John Kerry is so far, he's in the lead." If you had read this out loud I bet you would have immediately figured out that you were missing a word or a few words. What do you think those words are? You are such a good thinker! You keep working and you will be such a good writer!


Derrik, I think that you have a good story, but in some parts I didn't understand what you meant like the part you said that they were washing their hands of something. Could you add to that part to make it more specific. Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the flattering comment. I don't think I really think all that well, but on Thursdays and Fridays I think extra!?! LOL!!!



Hello Derrick. SuperThinker here, visiting your top dog blog once again! I'm like John Kerry more and more each day. I think he has some good ideas for our country. Thanks for this post--you really took the bull by the horns to inform your readers!


Hi Derrick. Thanks for your comment about California. How did you know that California has more counties than Georgia? Did you use an almanac? You have a great blog!


Hi Derrick! I liked how you used your idioms in your story. Maybe you can add more detail about why the Republican party is throwing caution to the wind. Anyway it's the cats pajamas!

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