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Hello Derrick, it's your superblogging pal, SuperThinker, back for a little blog visit! I want you to know that I appreciate this post because this is a big problem in our world today. Why do people hurt and kill each other and what do we do about it? I think the best thing we can do is get to know each other. We MUST understand our differences, and respect them, if we are to survive, and move on to a world of peace. This is why I love blogs SOOOOO MUCH!!! Because it's just us, the people, from different places, with different voices, getting to know and respect each other. Keep writing Derrick--let your voice be heard!


Hey superthinker, I don't understand the concept of the war in Iraq because we already completed our #2 mission in Iraq. Our #1 mission is to get Osama... that is all I get about the war or even wars.

Your blogging friend,

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