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Hello Derrick! Once again, it is I, SuperThinker, dropping by to visit the top dog in writing! I'm honored that in your blog book S=SuperThinker. How cool is that! Are you going to draw a picture of me? That would be superfabulous! Good luck on your tests next week! SuperThinker---out!

Dane Robinson

Whassup, Derrick. It's Dane. Do you remember me from last year.I'm going to try to email you guys as much as I can. I've been looking at your site. It's awsome! I guess I'll talk to you later.


Hi Derrick!
You are so creative. I cannot wait to see your drawing of Murphy! Isn't it great to hear from Dane? Keep up the good writing!
Mrs. Davis


Hey dane, YEAH i remember u. i remember the entire crew from last year espescially u and ben.

Your friend,

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