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Emily, your story is storyrific!!!!!!!!!!! I like how you used a lot of detail to catch the readers attention. Overall you did GREAT!!!


Hi Emily it's me Angelica! You put a funny sign instead of an apostrphe. that me think why you did that? But the rest was great!!!


Hi Emily! It's just me, little ol' SuperThinker, whooshing on over to your blog to get a good read! And wow!!! What a great story. Your details are so well chosen that I can really visualize your Aunt's house and all the fun you have with your cousins! And everybody squeezing into the hollow tree... what fun!!! Why, it makes me want to zip on over to the nearest forest and crawl right into a log with 6 of my closest friends!!! hee hee hee! I am so THRILLED that you are taking me up on the offer to write for my blog. Ms. Davis said she will email me your post and I can't wait to read it. Emily, I sure hope you keep blogging -- even after you leave JH House. You'll be a great Middle School blogger, and High School blogger, and College blogger, and ... WRITER!!! You go girl!


YA!!!! GO ME GO ME..... Oh sorry for my energy boost. But I have considered being a news reporter or journalist when I grow up some. I mean, I'm only 10 here!!!!
Angelica, thanks, but the little funkey sign was what the internet did, not me. And please, read over your reviews!!!
Jenny, COOL! my story is storyrific! GO ME!!!!
Well Thanks a lot for all my reviews!!!! Keep on reviewing!!!!!

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