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Hellooooooo Emily! It is I, SuperThinker, your friendly neighborhood superhero blogger who's always tickled pink when reading your blog! Well, well, well my friend. What can I say about your writing other than to tell you that your writing style just gets better and better with each post. As a matter of fact, your writing has developed so much that I'd like to offer you the opportunity to write a post for my blog, BlogHeads. Here's my idea: I'd like to have you write a post as a guest blogger telling other students about two things 1)why you like blogging and 2)what writing tactics you think are important in a good post (interesting lead, quotes, etc...). You can send it to me via email and I will post it on BlogHeads! What do you think of that Miss Up-and-coming-writer!?! (I'm buzzing with excitement!)


WOWWW! You want me to write a story by those guidelines? SURE!!!!! I'll be totally up to the challenge!!! YIPPEEEE!!!!! And me, Miss up-and-coming-writer! Aw shucks..... ^-^ I'll love to write that for your wonderful blog! (buzzing so hard with excitement I'm vibrating)


Emily your writng is wonderful I love it!


Emily your writng is wonderful I love it!By:Angelica Villanueva


Thanks Angelica! You love it? WOPEE!!!

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