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Mrs. Davis

You are off to a very good start! I welcome you in the group. Keep up the good writing! What are your favorite topics to write about?


Thank you for your comment. I hope to get more comments soon. My favorite topics to write about are science, health, and things around the world. What are your favorite topics?


Your writing made me think that I should ask Mrs.Davis if we can go and respond to other people in other states or countries. Mrs.Davis just told me that if someone would write to us we can do that..That makes me fill kind of scared because we are going to talk to someone we do not no.


I think it is nice that you are blogging for the fist time. You did a good job. It is nice to know that you like it!I like the Incredibles too.


Thank you , Ashley I have read your comment.
I haven't had time to read your post but, when I have time I will. I will try to comment on your post soon.

P.S Write soon!

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Do not take to heart!

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