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Pat Street

Hi Estefany!
When I read your post about global warming and polar bears, I learned something that I didn't know -- that polar bears are on the list of endangered animals. I was sorry to hear that, because polar bears are one of my favorite animals. But it's important to know, and thank you for helping spread the word about this problem.

I found out something else interesting about polar bears recently, too. I always thought their fur was WHITE. But no, each hair is actually clear, like glass. The sun's light can shine right through to their skin to keep them warm. And believe it or not, their skin is BLACK! The sun reflecting off their clear hairs makes the bears look white.

I'm glad serious young people like you are thinking about world problems like global warming, and about the bad effects that human industry can have on wildlife. Someone has to stick up for the animals! Good post -- keep up the good writing!
Pat Street

Estefany Vega Mendez

Hi Pat Street,

Thank you for your comment. One of my favorite animals is the Polor Bear too.Well I think it is really bad what we are doing to the animals, but it does not only affect the animal but us too. I hate knowing that we are being so careless about what we do. At the end it is going to affect us more. It is going to cause a problem to the food chian.Well hope to hear from you soon
from Estefany

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