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Ms. Susan

Hi Estefany,
I am a grade 5 teacher in Asia. Reading the blogs you and your classmates have made is inspiring me and my colleagues to help our students start blogging. One of my concerns is how to help my students really focus on putting quality writing on their blogs. I think your tips will help me do that. Thanks for sharing them.


Hi I like your ideas abuot bloog

Nancy McKeand

You have some real good ideas here. I especially like your comment about reading your post out loud before you actually post it. That is something I tell my college students all the time. It really helps, doesn't it?


Thank you, I really like to turn in a good paper to my teacher. Even though it has some mistakes I did not catch it.

Just some (know-it-all) brat.

Ouch! Just a tip from me: Find a different color for your tips. Hot-pink on a light-blue background constitutes eye-burning, and would normally repulse most readers. If bright is what you're going for, try an electric green instead.


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I am. I even showed him the front page of Bloggerheads this mirnong and told him (again) how proud I was.:o)As for right-wing bloggers taking classes in giving a damn about someone other than themselves, I'm sure they'd regard it to be a form of liberal indoctrination.

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