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The lunch that day was fantastic including the decorations all the staff put at each table


I wasn't there but I heard it was fantastic I hope I don't miss it again.


Everything was great at the party! I enjoyed it a lot! I hope we have them again soon!


The candlelight dinner was Amazing! I waer the dress that my sister waer when she was in 5th grade.I can't waet for next year's candlelight dinner!


I liked the lunch.


I think that the cafateria was wonderful. It was so amazing to have Mrs. Hayslip and the great cafeteria workers to make our lunch room into " Eagles's Landing Restaurant".



I think that the Candlelight Lunch was so terrific.I could not belive my eyes when I saw what the cafeteria put on for us.I thanked them so much fo everything they put forth effort at J.H. House.They are so wonderful.


The candlelight lunch was a great experience for students of how to behave in a real restaurant.I really liked the lunch it was the funnest day in school!


that lunch was cool!


Dear Mrs.hopper
I thought the candle light dinner was amazing. People were all dressed up. I thought you looked pretty. I had a wonderful time I hope you did to.Well I think thats all I haft to say.



I like candlight lunch.

Benjamin Smart

I liked all of the attendance parties especially the watches. I'm now glad that we all get parties for being here at school every day.

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