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I'm a fast runner and I can't wait till field day comes ecspecally the challenges there so fun or should I say thight.This field day is going to get wet.

Mrs. Hooper

Mrs. Meeler, thank you so much for always keeping us up to date on "happenings at House". You have become an A+ photographer!!


I know that I will be here during the CRCT. I had never miss a day of school. I had been in all the perfect attendence parties.


I really thought that the day we had the perfect attendence party was so much fun because all of my freinds and I were reacing just like the ones on the pictures.


I think that the students sould still come to school even if we don't have a perfect attendance party because it is their responsabilty to come ,and learn the things the teachers are telling them. Some students even don't care about school that much.Some students fake they are sick so they can home and watch T.V. I think it is really nice you teachers are doing that for us.


Dear Ms.Hopper
I saw myself in that picure you took so I started to reading that highlight you rote.I Ilike it I think you should write more.

nick whitehurst


I realy liked that race you made.I injoied seeing the racses and liked the picures you put on your websight there were some funny peopel.

Antonio Quevedo


I had fun racing. I came in second place on one race.


I thought it would be fun outside but I did not go. Sorry I was not there.


Thanks for the free time. I really enjoyed ity!


Thanks for the free time. I really enjoyed it!


ii had fun outside because its a chance to play with friends that are in different classes.


It was a lot of fun and a good way to get active


I was outside that day and I had so much fun. Thany you Mrs. Hooper!!


It wuz really fun going outside becuase we could be with our friends nd njoy the time. some people were like "arn't we going to get n~ething but being with r friends wuz tha BOMMMMMMMM.!


That was o much fun. Mrs. Mateling does not know what the word outside means.

Erika Estrada

That day was a very cool day because we got to play with our friends and have fun.


I won one of the race when I went outside for the perfect attendance. It was cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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