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I went to Fernbank. It was really fun! We saw a lot of things. I loved it! we went into a room with lots of fun. We even got to blow big bubbles!


Yes,"When we went to Fern Bank, we got to see dinisores, fosils of difernt animals, and frogs.My favorit part was when we saw the IMAS movie, about Bugs.I even got disy diring the movie.Well all I can say is that I enjoyed my field trip.

de' ericka

Fernbank was fun I want to go back soon.


I went there also when I was in second.The IMAX movie I saw was on global warming and what happens to reefs beacuase of it.


I wish I went to FErnBank.


I liked going to Fernbank it was very cool. I liked doing the bubbles. We got to see bones.We got to see frogs. We went to the I max theater.

Benjamin Smart

I also went to Fern Bank.We watched Bugs a rainforest adventure.I liked the top floor where we got to do activities.

Jacob Pruitt

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