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Hi Jennifer. You have quite a good writing style, my friend and if anyone should know about that it is I, SuperThinker, the one and only, truly original, blogging superhero, and really great pal! Well, Jennifer, you certainly seem to have a flair for the news. Is that because you read or watch CNN? You say the first thing you do in the morning is write down your CNN notes. But, from where? I am very curious about your CNN stuff. Well, blog 'ya later!


First of all I really appreciate your comments. But one question I am dying to ask. Where are YOU from? Oh, by the way, our technology teacher gives our homeroom teacher the CNN notes. Then Mrs. Tobler my homeroom teacher lets the class copy exactly what it says. After that we watch CNN Student News on the tv and get details to the main topic! I started to do this since third grade and this helps us to connect with our writing and thinking skills and to learn more about the news. Comment 'ya later!!!


You are most welcome for the comments--you deserve them! Wow--I think CNN Student News is a great idea! I will pass that along to some of my teacher friends. Watching CNN Student News must really be powerful stuff because you sure know your facts and details!
Oh, yeah--I'm from California, but my family is from Cuba. You know, Ricky Ricardo and "Babalu." Yep, the land of cha-cha-cha. I was born here but my family is cuban through and through! Where is your family from?
Well, Read 'ya next year!

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