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Hi there Jerry! My name is SuperThinker. What, you ask,"Huh-who-SuperThinker? Yes, SuperThinker, the one, the only, world famous blogging superhero. If I may be so bold as to reply--yes Jerry, my family likes to do things on different days. Fridays is movie night. Today, I will go with my twin to see "The Cat in the Hat." Saturdays is game night and I play "Pictionary" and "Uno" with my family. Being that I have such superthinking powers, my team usually wins at Pictionary, and being that I'm supernice, too, I let other people win at Uno. Well, what else can a blogging superhero do but be humble?


hi jer...i like doing stuff with the fam and friends...i like to keep a scrabble game on a table...add when you can


Hi jerry, my family likes to do the same thing, what kind of things that you do alone? When I was at my old house we did games every other day.
Your friend Derrick ;)

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