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Mrs. Meeler

I have always had trouble putting writing in my own words as well. But the more practice, the easier it gets. Just remember to include your thoughts on the subject and use descriptive adjectives. Keep up the good work!


Donathon this is Joel I loved your story about the web log group you shure know how to impress a reader.


I think that is a good way to write because the way you put your words in it. You made it seem like you was really talking to somebody I can tell you're going to be a good blogger.


Where do you think you're going today? http://11111111djgl.com uvkstq 222222 [url=http://33333333333ztrl.com]333333[/url] Too bad with all the spam on this site :(


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how to build a tree house

As a child, nothing seemed simpler than building and the innate need for a treehouse but a few planks of wood, some bent nails, some rope and a trip to A&E later puts you in your place.


You keep saying that, but I'm sttnriag to think that most bloggers don't read my blog. I'm thinking the overwhelming majority of my readers is of the non-blogging variety. The ones who hate saying the word blog out loud, because it sounds so weird.On the other hand, if you're right, then you're saying most bloggers who read me are thieves?Shame on them.

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