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I read your idiom and it made me laugh! I am a student at Georgia State University studying to be an elementary teacher. I just wanted to say Hello! Have a great day!

Mandy Head


i hope you have a great day ,too. Sorry I took so long to answer you comment!


awsome story!


this sucks
im n eigth grade
we were told to make a short tory with idoms
but not one wth to many
lke yours.
it has one in every sentence
wtch s a little much
i think u need to fix that
ur a bad writer
im sorry


story by do as i say not as i do


hey ur crazy you dont know how to write I was assigned to write a 1 page story of Idioms about 15 of them in my period 6,7 well I got to say you stink


hi i really liked the story i m in 8th standered & v were told to rigth a story or a para using 10 idioms & i really thank u for this cause it made my work thx

Steven yang

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