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Dear Lacey,

You have a very interesting point. I think everyone hates pop quiz, especially if you are not prepare for the class that day. However, it is very useful sometimes. It encourages you to study and read ahead. And i think preparing yourself in advance is a good way to start out when you still young. Teachers want to give pop quiz just to see if you are ready for class that day not to make you feel bad. I wish you all the luck with school, Lacey.


Ms. Nina


Dear Lacey,
I really enjoyed reading your advice for new teachers. I agree with you, I really hate pop quizzes and I am planning on never giving them in my classroom! Classroom rules are a very important part of the classroom, but too many rules can make for a really boring year. I believe that students should help create some of the classroom rules. Thanks again for the wonderful advice! Ashley

Dana Dames

Dear Lacey,

I'm so sorry that you hate pop quizzes. Many teachers use them to make sure that students are doing their reading assignemnts. Don't worry too much, the future teachers in my class all agree that they will warn students of any quizzes they might have in the future. I'm also sorry that your teacher is too strict. Sometimes, if a teacher sees that a student usually follows the rules he or she will lighten up on that particular student.Continue to do your best, Lacey!


Ms. Dames


Thank you for the comment. Now that you said that I see why they make pop quiz!


Hi Lacy. I really appreciate your advice. I am going to be an English teacher next year, and I think students are the most important people to listen to. I'm glad that your teacher is emotional about Social Studies; I'm sure that makes Social Studies fun! I agree with you about pop quizzes, and I don't like them either. The only good reason I know of for pop quizzes is that the students absolutely, positively, WILL NOT read or prepare for class, and everything else that the teacher has tried will not work. I'll try not to give them. Instead, I'll try to make class activities and discussions so enjoyable and interesting that students WANT to read and prepare so that they can better participate in the fun.

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