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Nancy McKeand

Those are some good ideas, Lacey! Blogging for peace - I really like it!


I agree that blooging will be in the future because it is so good now imagine how good they will be in the futer.


Yes I know. I total agree with you!

Niki Beingessner

I totally agree. I think that bloging will be in the future and it will be a big deal. Everyone will talk about different thing. Like what they are thinking or what they are feeling and lots of people will be able to relate to that.I liked that blog very much thanks.


Michelle C

I also agree that blogging will still be around in the future and that it will only continue to grow, improve, and affect more people.
Like you stated earlier, blogging does have so many great things to offer. For example, it can enable people all over the world in various countries and cultures to communicate, as well as students learning about other students, and people sharing personal things with others anonymously. I also believe that people can learn so much from others by blogging and they can also communicate faster and easier than by other forms of communication.


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