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I enjoyed reading through your comments. You are a very fluid writer and your voice comes across clearly. I liked your comments about the future of blogging and I too think it would be great if everyone wrote their own blog and started a global conversation. I also enjoyed reading some of your news reports although the events you talk about have long since passed. Keep on writing.


Where do you think you're going today? http://11111111djgl.com musical 222222 [url=http://33333333333ztrl.com]333333[/url] Good job guys.

Mrs. Lois Grasso

I too enjoyed reading how much you think blogging this year helped to improve your writing.

I teach computer classes in a middle school in Pennsylvania and I'm going to start using a student blog in September. We have one more week of school left and I am already thinking about ways to improve my class next year.

This year my students enjoyed online discussions with me and their classmates.

Your blog gave you the chance to communicate your thoughts and ideas with a larger audience than just your class. It sounds like you enjoyed that very much.

Thanks for inspiring me....can't wait to try blogging in September.

Summer here we come!

Mrs. Lois Grasso

Here is a link to my teacher blog that mentions you and your experience with blogging this year.


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This is not, mind you, some sort of move toward weakkneed pacifism. It's not some liberal nambypamby. I'm not really ignoring the need of violence, in rare cases, including limited military action against those who would do us direct harm.

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