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From how it sowndeds I think it's going to be great.I like the picture too.


Hellow Mr.Lane I read your letter about
the fild trip I think the fild trip
is going to be graet for the class and
don't for get to tell the class to bring
money to buy something to get in the store
and next week I am going to the musem .



Ms. Roper

Mr. Lane's class-
You are all so very lucky. I wish I could go on the field trip with you. I love frogs. A tiny frog lives in a plant at my house every summer. I’ve named him Freddy :-) Having the opportunity to see so many different types of frogs would be my favorite part of the adventure.
I can’t wait to hear about all of the interesting things you were able to see and learn about while at Fernbank.

Ms. Roper


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What luck that your class can venture to the local museum and see an IMAX movie! Before you went to the museum did you get to learn about frogs or dinosaurs? What did you do with all the fantastic information you learned about when you got back to your classroom?

I am a student teacher in Canada, and I have enjoyed reading your blog. I'm looking forward to your next post.

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